History of Persaudaraan Setia Hati Terate  

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History of Persaudaraan Setia Hati Terate
Penchak Silat is a fighting sport very effective which originated in Indonesia.This martial art redoubt, which was practised by the Indonesian commandos, has been banned by the Dutch during their colonization of Indonesia.Yet the martial art has survived and even as has been the practice in hiding. Because of the effectiveness of its technology and its realistic character, including Silat Penchak been adopted by many mercenaries.

"Silat" today "Silat" equal "attack flash". The techniques of Silat Penchak occasions and were structured in a dynamic system and realistic.

The concrete goals of this system are:

A. Propose realistic solutions for defense against real attacks (reality of the street).

B.Propose techniques that have already proved their effectiveness.

C.Propose a solution adequate against aggression and taking into account the principle of "proportionality".

In short: anticipation, reaction, speed of execution, efficiency, reality of the street.

The techniques of silat Penchak:
1.Who are taught these techniques. For security officials, the military, police officers.

2.The techniques:
A. Frappes, taken, and Capital etranglements
B. Techniques ground and anti-ground
C. Techniques batons
D. Technique knives

Pencak Silat is an art of self-defence. It is based on the experiences of past encounters with wild animals, which have seen people like easy prey.

Inspired by the enormous variety of animals living in the jungles of Indonesia, the Indonesian people have learned a new path, different self, unlike another self art, imitating the movement of these creatures. In recent times, these techniques could be refined gradually.

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