The Kerambit  

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The Kerambit, which can be used in combat, much appreciated for self-defense, is an example formidable weapon dissimulable easily:

A short curved blade attached to a ring, which allows up to hide the surprise opponent with the back of palm and ...
The Kerambit is a small knife originally from the island of Sumatra.
It is strongly associated with the style Harimau (style tiger, a native of Sumatra) is also called "claw of the tiger."

There are various forms of Kerambit greater or lesser with a ring for his finger or not, with a second wave in the ring or not ...
The kerambits small ones have the advantage of being able to hide easily in the hand, the belt or sarong.

It is easy to believe his opponent that we are with our bare hands and bring a Kerambit without him noticing it.

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Salam "PERSAUDARAAN" dari Kal-Sel untuk semua Dulur2 yang ada di mana aja, mohon do'anya ya semoga Tes Putih nanti sehabis bulan Ramandhan tidak terjadi kendala-kendala yg tidak di inginkan.