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Pendekar Sanders and Guru Gorka Echarri (cimande style)

As we have seen above, the Indonesian archipelago is composed of many islands, of which the best known are Java, Sumatra, Borneo and Bali.
Each region has developed its own style of Silat or aliran, has adapted its way of life and its environment. There are actually over 150 styles of Pencak Silat identified today, the most famous are S├ętia Hati Terate, Harimau, Cimande, and Tapak Suci ... and also the Kuntao which is more akin to Chinese Kung fu.

Style Harimau Minangkabau (from Sumatra), inspired by the attitudes of the tiger and is a formidable technical ground. This style by the principle that on rolling terrain and uncertain, a fighter is much more stable when it is already on the ground. The positions of the low Harimau Minanqkabau allow the fighter to practice different kinds of jumps, sweeps and keys. Ces positions permettent aussi d'atteindre facilement un adversaire aux articulations pour le d├ęstabiliser. These positions can also easily reach an opponent joints to destabilize it.

Style Cimande, literally "power flowing to the river" or "beautiful river", is a style of the West Java (Praenger mountains). This style and its derivatives (some have more than 300) would spread in the area between West Java and Bogor, Cianjur, and southwards to Sukabumi, in the villages of Cimande Tarik Kolot, Cimande Tengah and Cimande Girang. The Cimande be scattered to the east (it is found even today in Bali), west of Java to Banten, and northwest towards Sumatra.

It is generally Embah Kahir (1760? -1825?) Creator of this styles, he would have appointed as the river that flowed near the place where he lived then. He lived in the small village of Cogreg, near the town of Bogor, around 1780. Other sources, however, are rising much more behind the creation date of Cimande movement.

Style Tapak Suci, or "pure way," is a style of Javanese Penchak Silat. The headquarters of style, Pimpinan Pusat is located in the district of Kauman, Yogyakarta.

Style Setia Hati Terate which is what we practice is a native of java. Setia Hati means "true heart" and Terate is the fleur de lys aquatic Indonesia. This style was once taught in secret in the communities called Pondokan Pesantren (a kind of temple). It is a style height comprising technical reputation can no longer be effective.
He was polite and adopted by supporters of the famous Siliwangi.

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Jhon Thor  

another famous style in pencak silat is Merpati Putih (White Dove), it used for Indonesian Special Forces (Kopassus), this style focus on Tenaga Dalam.