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The Kujang is full of mysteries.
It is said to contain its shape with a force magical mystical powers.
Attached to its original form, it brings us back to the old philosophy of sundanais: Hindu heritage.

The creation of the original Kujang was inspired agrarian a tool. This tool was widespread between the 4th and 7th century AD.
The shape of the current Kujang slightly changed since the agrarian blacksmiths tools of this era (as Empu Windusarpo, Empu Ramayadi and Empu Mercukundo which can be seen in parts of the country local museums Sunda).

It is only in the 9th century 12me Kujang that took the form that we know it today. En 1170 il y eu un changement dans le Kujang. In 1170 there was a change in the Kujang.
Its value as a talisman qu'amulette or spreading, these virtues were recognized by the nobility and the authorities of the Kingdom of Pajajaran Makukuhan, especially during the reign of Prabu Kudo Lalean.

During one of his spiritual retreats, Kudo Lelean had the mental vision of the new form of a blade made to Kujang scheduled to be closer to the shape of the island of "Djawa Dwipa" (name of the island of Java at that time . Immediately the sovereign commander in the Royal blacksmith, Empu Windu Supo, to forge a blade following the instructions of his vision. It would become a weapon full of quality and full of mystical spirituality; magic object, a unique form, as future generations will combine always Makukuhan Pajajaran kingdom.

Note also that Silat using the short stick (or Kayu Tonglat), the long stick, belt (Selendang or Bengkong), ergot ....

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